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Business Owners Speak out in support of saving the view

Supporters of development are saying that this is what the local businesses on Main St need. Below are the thoughts of some of the business 

owners most impacted by the plans for this property. These statements were provided by those listed. 

Mike Wilding & Sandy Harkins


The Railroad Pub

We have been in this location for over 14 years. We chose this location based on the fact that it would not disturb local residents. Our livelihood is based on providing people a place to listen to live music. Over the years we have held countless benefits that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for needy organizations and individuals.

When the old mill was torn down, the view was amazing and has changed our business dramatically. People comment daily on this new aspect. So much so that we decided to purchase this building and begin renovations.

If apartments are added to the site, we will not only lose the view but we will also lose the ability to run our business and provide this valuable resource to those in need. 

The Austin Family


Frank's Restaurant and Pub

Why should we save the view? Because our community just discovered it in 2016.

 Unless you worked in the mill, many of us growing up in Lisbon never knew what was behind the old dinosaur that loomed over this area of town, The newly discovered asset needs to be added to the amazing places we have here in town such as the Papermill Trail, MTM park, Beaver Park, a boat launch, Graziano Square, etc and to add a clear river view-community based area to our resume is a must. NOT MANY communities are provided such a gift so why cover it up again.

As owners of Frank's, everyday comments are made when people are seated by our floor to ceiling windows that face the river ..."this is a stunning view" and "these are the best seats in the house" and recently "who's crazy enough to build structures to block the view". Obviously our business is concerned about the obstructed view, but more than that as residents a more appealing view is our desire.  

Fern Larochelle


Fern's Body Shop

The Worumbo site is a beautiful piece of property that could be so incredibly beneficial to our town. I have very serious concerns about residential use. 

Having a nice restaurant or other small to midsize retail space while allowing a large area for green space that could be used by the community 

would be the best answer for Lisbon.

Lorelei Hilliker


207 Edibles

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the residents, business owners and town officials of Lisbon to not only enhance the recreational space available but bring in events and revenue that will support all the currently existing businesses and residents who have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to this community.

Jason Smith


Lisbon Cannabis Company

The amazing view we enjoy from our spot on the river should be embraced as the opportunity it is for all of us! Let's not make it an eyesore, let's make it a destination! 

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